Fruit Assignments

Below are the team members assigned to bring fruit for their teammates during half time. Please avoid apples and oranges due to the high acid content. Consider watermelon, melon, grapes and berries. 

Varsity & JV Fruit Assignments listed below:



 Junior Varsity
 Cate Diamond
  Lucy Collins
 9/11-HHS TURF v. Whitman-Hanson 3:30 pm
 Ally Notarangelo
  Megan Cosgrove
 9/[email protected] Silver Lake 4:00 pm
 Cat Riddell
 Mattie Iaria
 9/[email protected] Plymouth North 4:00 pm
 Jackie Biasetti
  Hannah Marini
 9/[email protected] Middleboro 4:15 pm
 Molly Boyle
  Catie Burton
 9/29-HHS TURF v. Plymouth South 6:00 pm
 Nikki Brennan
 Allesia Candelieri
 10/1-HHS TURF v. Duxbury 4:00 pm
 Thea Bruggeman
 Sophie Cohen
 10/5-HHS TURF v. Scituate 6:00 pm
 Casey Cosgrove
 Abby Danreau
 10/[email protected] Whitman-Hanson 4:00 pm
 Caroline Flibotte
 Katherine D'Entremont
 10/9-HHS TURF v.Silver-Lake 4:00 pm
 Gianna Fasoli
 10/10-HHS TURF v.Silver-Lake 9:00 am 
 Shea Golden


 10/[email protected] Hanover 4:00 pm
 Bridget Hoffses
 Julia Forbes
 10/16-HHS TURF v. Pembroke 6:00 pm
 Rachel Jensen
 Gen Higgins
 10/[email protected] Duxbury 4:00 pm
 Ali Knoll
 Maddie Hoffses
 10/21-HHS TURF v. Plymouth North 3:30 pm
 Livi Messina
 Amy McAllister
 10/[email protected] Cohasset 4:00 pm
 Katie O'Connell
 Hailey Morrison
 10/26- HHS TURF v. Norwell 6:00  pm 
 Sierra Shea
 Emma O'Neill
 10/[email protected] Dame Academy 3:30 pm
 Alissa Sullivan
 Mary Packard
 10/30-HHS TURF v. Hanover 4:00 pm
 Angela White
 Ellie Roof

We love to eat the fruit at half time, so please bring it before then! Thanks!

We really appreciate it!

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